We all have an opinion of ourselves.  We have a certain perception of how we are received by others.  Once I heard the statement, “We are only received on the level at which we are perceived.”  So, if people think you are an expert on a subject then they will sit up and listen when you speak.  On the other hand, if the general perception is that you are a buffoon, well then, you know.

I read this little bit of wisdom this morning,

The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

We all need refreshing now and then.  That statement reveals the truth that if we refresh others, we will also be refreshed.  Notice the emphasis is placed on being generous.  Pay attention the next time you are around other people, in the workplace or in a social setting.  How are you received?  Do people approach you with an eager look and open arms or do people seem to look the other way in avoidance?  Pay attention and learn if you are refreshing to be around.

By the way, that quote is Proverbs 11:25.