Hello, I’m Marty

A Seasoned IT Professional

A Magnitude of Experience in a Multitude of Industries

I have aided in the success of many companies, small to large for over three decades. I have helped companies build their business strategy, secure their data and establish reliable backups, drive SEO, establish an online presence, and create their entire information architecture.


Experience communicating cross-functionally and across management levels in formal and informal settings.

Ultimate Strategist

Able to quickly access any situation and formulate a plan for success.  Always budget minded when planning for growth.


Team Player

Excel in a team environment where I can utilize my Project Management skills for the success of the team.

Highly Rewarded

Consistently recognized and rewarded for on the job success.

Information Security

Experience with infrastructure security, vendor management, IT audits and data backups. 

Entrepraneurial Minded

Being a founder and owner of several businesses, I always place emphasis on the bottom line as well as overall success.


Active Clients

Problems Solved

Cups of Coffee

Make It a Priority.

I certainly DO.

Health Information Technology

For over 15 years I have evaluated, selected, installed and configured technology for physicians throughout the southeast. One of my most recommended and preferred EMRs is eClinicalWorks, due to cost effectiveness, ease of use and customer support.

Education Industry

I have over 20 years of experience with the installation, support, and future growth plans for educational institutions of all sizes.  I have worked at the college, public school system and small private school levels.

Law / Public Service

For over 15 years I have provided IT support for law offices large and small as well as public service institutions and government agencies.

Financial Industry

I have over 20 years of experience with the installation, support, and future growth plans for financial institutions of all sizes.  I have worked at a bank with over 60,000 employees and also at a locally owned community bank.

Get the most out of your IT budget.  Plan effectively for future growth. Ask me how!

Sometimes I write About THINGS

Log Those Meals

One of the best ways to stay focused and lose those unwanted pounds is to keep a food journal of everything you eat.  About 6 weeks ago I decided I was too heavy so I decided I needed to be lighter.  My wife suggested (told me) to use the app myfitnesspal to track my...

SSD or Bust

Today I decided to replace the LCD on my old Dell Inspiron Ultrabook that was busted by TSA a couple of years ago on a flight to Steamboat.  That was pretty simple and by waiting the price of the replacement  LCD had come down to only $35. After replacing the screen I...

Refresh Others

We all have an opinion of ourselves.  We have a certain perception of how we are received by others.  Once I heard the statement, "We are only received on the level at which we are perceived."  So, if people think you are an expert on a subject then they will sit up...

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